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If you want to see our full line of products, drop by our Design Centre at 110 Walker Road in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. We’ll be glad to discuss your individual needs for any new construction or renovation job.

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mirror and glass

Mirror and Glass Experts

We create a wide range of mirrors that can be used for your different needs such as bathroom mirrors, sliding mirror doors, and mirror closet doors.

closet doors

Custom Closet Doors

We not only create custom organizational solutions for your closet but we always design stunning closet doors.

glass showers

Luxurious Glass Showers

Always creating products that you want, like our remarkable and creative glass sliding doors, we can make your room or space that would have this door more modern and chic.

custom closets

Custom Closets Done Right

Our team of experienced home design consultants will work with you to create custom closets that will maximize the space you have available.

JJ Home Products: Your Resource for Home Design

If you are looking to redecorate your home, come to JJ Home Products! Our sliding glass doors are an incredible and simple way to add elegance or a modern appearance. JJ Home Products carries a variety of sliding glass doors that can solve at least one of your interior design questions.

Instead of using thick and bulky hinged closet door that needs space to open, take a look at our sliding closet doors. We know it will suit your needs and with the option of sliding mirror doors you can make the space look larger and brighter.

When dealing with interior design, simple pieces can make a beautiful difference. There are different styles of sliding closet doors and different ways these sliding glass doors can open. They can fold as they slide open to reveal the full closet at once or side to side keeping part of it covered but never requiring more space to open. Sliding glass doors can be very handy in a small space and is also a modern way to hide the closet in any size space.

Sliding mirror doors are often used in bedrooms and front entrance closets but try considering bathrooms, a mirrored set of sliding glass doors can serve multiple purposes. JJ Home Products offers creative solutions to home design and we do not fall short when it comes to exciting ideas for interior doors.

Stylish sliding glass doors might also be used as room dividers if you need an elegant way to separate a space without using awkward French doors.

JJ Home Products Creates Beautiful Solutions for Your Home

Sliding closet doors are a lovely way to hide the clutter of a closet. They are a great example of form meeting function in a perfectly simple and attractive design in a utilitarian product. It serves its purpose and adds elegance to a space.

Sliding glass doors are an easy way to incorporate the design of the space into something necessary like closet doors. The sliding glass doors we make at JJ Home Products are easy to install and are made to fit the space and your needs.

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When finding a way to conceal your closet, do not overlook the modest and always beautiful simplicity of sliding glass doors. If you need full-length closet doors then you need sliding mirror doors to see what the hidden clothes look like on! Your closet doors will not just be doors, they will be deliberate design decisions that can help transform your space into your dream home. 

Quality Home Improvement Products and Reliable Customer Service

JJ Home Products - a division of Renin Corp - are proud of our reputation for quality products and reliable customer service. Our state of the art manufacturing facility is located here in Toronto Drop into our Design Centre at 110 Walker Drive in Brampton to view the range of home improvement products we offer to top end builders and home renovators in the region.

If you have any questions about whether a pocket door is an ideal solution to your building or renovation project, give us a call at 416-798-7785 or drop us a note at info@jj.ca. Our experienced and creative sales team will help you select the best solution for your building challenges.

At JJ Home Products we’re: "At Home With Style, and Committed to Making Your Rooms Look Perfect!"

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